Turntables & Vinyl Converters

If the popularity of the CD has made you worry that your vinyl records are now redundant, then Mirror Reader Offers has the answer. We sell digital turntables, vinyl record players, stereo systems with turntables, turntables with USB connection and vinyl to digital converters that provide you with the perfect preservation solution.
The unique sound and quality of a 45 or 33 does not have to be lost. With our great buy record players, stereo systems with turntables, USB turntable systems and vinyl to CD recorders and the vinyl to CD converter, you can continue listening to your precious vinyl records you can even record vinyl on to a record player. Our wide selection of great value digital turntables, vinyl record players and stereo turntables combines the sound of the past with technology of today, and with our easy-to-use turntables with USB you can even convert vinyl to digital. We have the turntables and converters to ensure your catalogue of music is safe for years to come.
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