Electronic Crosswords & Dictionaries

With an electronic crossword solver, there’s no need to get stuck on a crossword clue ever again! These impressive and compact gadgets include features such as anagram solvers, word makers, spellcheckers, the crossword solver function and dictionary and thesaurus programmes. Choose from the Seiko Desk Crossword Solver, the Collins Ultimate Desktop Library, the Chambers Crossword Dictionary and much more.
As well as boosting your own word-power, the crossword solver makes a perfect gift. But our selection doesn’t stop there; you’ll find other gadgets in this section, including a range of electronic dictionaries, thesauruses and electronic games. Whether you’re looking for electronic games to offer as gifts or that special device to enhance your leisure time, our selection of electronic gadgets are available to you at low prices. Click on the offer that catches your eye for the perfect gadget gift.
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