Garden perennials are a wonderful, cost-effective way of making your outdoor space look fresh and colourful, year after year. At Mirror Reader Offers, our perennial flowers are of the highest quality and come in a huge range of colours, varieties and sizes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Choose from Dwarf Asters, Hardy Japanese Anemones, Fragrant Dwarf Lavender Mustead and much more, all certain to become an abiding feature in your garden and enjoyed year after year. Our reasonably priced selection of garden perennials means that you can add more varieties to your flowerbeds for less, and these magnificent blooms will keep popping up year after year, without the need for replanting.

So if you have a large garden, save yourself some time. Shop our range of garden perennials today.

12 Product(s) found| per page

12 Product(s) found| per page