Lighting Accessories

Browse our selection of lighting accessories for handy ways to light the home and save money. From energy saving bulbs to reading lights, we've got all the little extras you need for making a happily lit home a breeze.

Energy saving light bulbs, for example, are a great economical alternative to conventional light bulbs. Since they use less power on a daily basis, these smart accessories will not only save you money, they'll also help you to cut down your carbon footprint, providing an efficient and long-lasting energy solution.

Night lights are another excellent way to cut back on bills. Instead of leaving the hall light on when it gets dark, a night light can illuminate the landing enough to see by and runs at a fraction of the cost. To learn more about our lighting accessories and energy saving light bulbs, simply click on the pictures to view more information.

5 Product(s) found| per page

5 Product(s) found| per page