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Glare-free night driving glasses enhance clarity and help to reduce eye-strain

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Help protect your eyes from the glare of oncoming headlights and street lighting and reduce eye strain with our Clear Vision HD Wraparound night driving glasses. Fitted with high definition night optic lenses to enhance clarity and colour, these driving glasses improve visibility at twilight and during poor weather conditions. Stylish design fits over prescription frames. Suitable for both men and women.

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Customer Reviews

Clear Vision Night Driving Glasses 4 out of 5 StarStarStarStarEmpty Star   45 Reviews
Good Product
By Mr Morris, 19 Feb 2015
Does exactly what it says on the box - makes night driving a lot more confortable

By Mrs Giles, 04 Sep 2014
My husband said these glasses are great. Night driving can be blinding at times but the glasses stop the glare from selfish drivers that dont dip their headlights.

Night Driving
By Bob Thomas, 13 Nov 2013
Great for night driving,reduced oncomming headlight glare,made night driving more comfortable.Plastic hinges were so stiff that plastic frame broke causing yellow lense to fall out.

By Mr Waldock, 11 Apr 2013
Excellent anti-glare glasses, but came WITHOUT the advertised visor clip.

Not available
By Mr Ward, 21 Mar 2013
These glasses are no longer available from the supplier. Standard polaroid sun glasses were sent in their place. These were returned as unsuitable and a full refund was given. I assume that they will no longer be advertised.

By Mrs James, 18 Mar 2013
Have bought a pair for myself and my husband (we both wear prescription glasses) and these night vision glasses fit on top of normal specs and are brilliant at night. Take the glare of oncoming vehicles away.

By Mrs Hudson, 15 Feb 2013
Excellent product exactly what we expected

By Mrs Young, 12 Feb 2013
has made big improvement to my night vision.excellent purchase.

clear vision
By Mr Lewis, 12 Feb 2013
This product is good value for money, since new car lights are getting brighter and my eye sight more sensitive been looking around for something to take the dazzle away, these do excatly that, ok wont win any fashion shows but do exactly what they are suppose too, possibly a life saving product.

By Mr Lewis, 11 Feb 2013
does what it says on the box

By Ms HASTINGS, 05 Feb 2013

By Mrs Wilday, 29 Jan 2013
my husband was very pleased with the glasses. he does a lot of night time driving

night drivng glasses
By Mr Mence, 26 Jan 2013
Received within 21 days item as expected ideal for night driving

By Mr Busuttil, 24 Jan 2013
wa s not satiesfied with this item to big and did not look right on face feature

By Mrs Clarke, 15 Jan 2013
Although to some extent these glasses work. I would have hoped that they eliminated all the glare from on coming traffic but sadly, that is not the case, all they actually did was to change the colour from soft white to yellow. With most new cars fitted with the LED (very bright, piercing white) lights, these glasses failed miserably in dealing with such lights, especially when driving down country lanes in the pitch black.

04 Jan 2013
Very good

By Mr Hall, 31 Dec 2012
Very pleased with the item, i bought them for my partner who hated driving at night, but now there's no stopping her she think's they are fantastic,they have really boosted her confidence worth every penny.regards John Hall Manchester

28 Dec 2012
Brilliant product. appalling service and delivery. Order date 29th November, delivery date 24th December!!

HD Wraparound Driving Glasses
By Mr Canty, 21 Dec 2012
Very good effective productionwhich really does reduce glare for my needs

By Mr Eglite, 15 Dec 2012
glasses are very good for use with proper glasses

By Mrs Hawksley, 09 Dec 2012
Unfortunately these glasses did nothing to take the glare from other car lights. I think they will be useful for when I'm cycling as the wrap around keeps the glare from the sun out. I am a bit disappointed that the didn't work for me, but other reviews were good so perhaps they just didn't suit my eyes. The delivery service was excellent though.

By Mr Maude, 06 Dec 2012
I have found these glasses brilliant, the only issue was they were tight on the arms so we just heated the plastic to bend it out slightly

06 Jul 2012
The glasses made seeing clearer, pleased with item.

By Mrs New, 29 May 2012
very good

By Mrs Jones, 02 Apr 2012
Very good does job well

bright eyes
11 Feb 2012
These glasses work a treat. No more being dazzled by headlights, streetlights and glare. They have made night-time driving so much more pleasant.

By E. Harris, 07 Feb 2012
These winter mornings I drive on some narrow roads in the dark with many vehicles coming towards me, the glasses have been very helpful in keeping check of headlight glare. Well worth the money.

By Mr Rushforth, 05 Feb 2012
Very pleased with the driving glasses. A great help on the narrow road near home where roads are only some 16 foot wide and have few lighting columns. Gh on-coming headlamps made it difficult to see ahead. These Driving Glasses overcome the problem.

Calming Over-Bright Lights
By Mr Rushforth, 30 Jan 2012
When driving on well lit roads I have no problem but on roads in country areas where street lights are either missing or great distances apart I had difficulty. However the Clear Vision HD Wraparound Driving Glasses are wonderful and I can drive and enjoy clear vision.

By Mrs Joyce, 25 Jan 2012
We received both pairs but one of then had a clip missing . If possible , I woudl appreciate a clip being sent to me as we purchased two pairs . Other than that , a good product and they are good .

24 Jan 2012
Quite good really,but would have liked them to be a shade darker lens.However I am satisfied and feel sure I will get used to them very soon.

First Class
23 Jan 2012
These glasses are excellent for night time driving, they even keep out the glare from the wing mirrors when being followed by a car with full lights on

By Mr Inwards, 23 Jan 2012
I don't agree with the adverse comments regarding this product. I find that these glasses reduce the glare from oncoming traffic, which was my main problem. I also find them comfortable to wear. Possibly overpriced,as I have seen them advertised cheaper elsewhere.

21 Jan 2012
A well made product that fits well over even large prescription glasses. Cuts glare significantly.

12 Jan 2012
Tried these glasses today and other than making everything look yellow they did nothing. No reduction in glare was noted and the glasses were a great disappointment.

By Mr Vaughan, 12 Jan 2012
These glassea are fine just what I required.

06 Jan 2012
really good for night driving wish i`d bought them sooner.

Not a great purchase.
By Mr El-madkouri, 25 Nov 2011
It is not as good as I expected. It does not improve the night vision as advertised. It's good for a gloomy, cloudy day. It would help improve vision when it gets darker before sunset. However, I find it useless at night as using the glasses at such time makes it worse. To be fair it helps minimising the dazzling lights in the background but definitely does not make the vision HD clear as stated in the ads.

eye protection
By Mr Humphreys, 22 Nov 2011
The transaction was good, pleased with glasses..very effective for driving at night

09 Nov 2011
Found these glasses very good really help with night driving would recomend them

driving glasses
09 Nov 2011
Very clear vision like these as they sit ok on my own glasses.

night Driving Specs
By Mrs Smith, 06 Nov 2011
Excellent item. Shame it doesn`t improve my Night driving confidence!!!!!

Big Al
By Mr Watts, 05 Nov 2011
Very satisfied with product, and impressed with speed of receipt following placement of order.

driving glasses
By Mr Boddy, 05 Nov 2011
Glasses were exactly as described and were delivered promptly. Very pleased with them.

By Mr NEWBURY, 04 Nov 2011
An excellent well made product that works well over my prescription glasses The delivery service was first class allmost by return.All I need now is a case to keep them in as they are very deep from front to back when folded.Never the less,a very good buy.Many thanks.

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