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Keep out neighbourhood cats - set of three

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If neighbourhood cats are wreaking havoc in your garden, this set of three cat repellent garden ornaments is the answer to your problem. Whether cats are fouling your flowerbeds, scaring your fish or damaging your plants or vegetable patches, these effective cat scarers will make your garden a feline free zone in no time.
Cats are territorial animals and will avoid confrontation with others, so these realistic cat ornaments with sparkling green eyes look like the real deal, making a superbly efficient and effective way to keep cats out of your garden. Other cat repellent methods such as high pitched ultrasonic cat deterrents require batteries or mains electrical supply which can be costly. This set of three cat repellers require no electricity or extra assembly, simply place around the garden to keep the cats away. They also make a fun and attractive addition to any garden.
The cat deterrents measure H38, H30, H25cm x W20, W29, W36cm.

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Customer Reviews

Cat Scarers (set of 3) 4 out of 5 StarStarStarStarEmpty Star   73 Reviews
cat scarers outwitted
By Mrs Mermikli, 28 Feb 2015
Nice and ornamental but, so far, they have not worked. Ill see how we go with them in the spring and summer. I think, however, that our neighbourhood cats are too clever for them!

Not Quite Scary Enough
26 Oct 2014
Placed three in the front(very small) garden.They scare me but not the cats. It has not completely stopped them but hubby says they have improved the situation.

By Mrs Green, 23 Oct 2014
I bought these cat scarers for decorative purposes only. They look great.

By Mr Morris, 07 Oct 2014
working brilliant

3 Black Cats
04 Oct 2014
They work ok for a couple of days then the local cats get used to them. They start to be effective again if you move their location every 2 or 3 days.

28 Sep 2014
Had these cats about a month upto now have worked. Look effective too. Really pleased with them.

31 Aug 2014
good value for the money

18 Aug 2014
Early days yet so not sure whether they will be totally successful but there does seem to be less cat muck about now!

Cat scarers
By Mr Thomson , 15 Aug 2014
It is excellent cos no more Cat poo in my garden after I put 3 cat scarers (huge smile)

cats scarer
By Mr Clayton, 06 Jul 2014
Item seems to be doing its job.

By Dr Betts, 25 Jun 2014
They make us jump when we look out of the window. Not really troubled by cats but want to keep birds away from the fish-pond

By Mr Gibson, 08 Jun 2014
Great for what I want

Cat scarers (set of 3)
25 May 2014
Great product,works well keeps cats away

25 May 2014
To scare cat out of garden and it works they have stopped digging up plants

cat repellent
By Mrs Harrison, 15 May 2014
So far l would say 95% worked. Certainly scared me.very good

Cat scarers
By Mr Lark, 13 May 2014
So far so good - only one message left since we planted "Ed, Ed and Eddie" - definite welcome members to our family :)

Cat scarers
By Mrs Coulson, 24 Apr 2014
These cats look quite real sat in your garden, try telling the other cats that come into your garden! It does not deter them at all.

03 Feb 2014
Did work to begin with but have a savvy neighbour hood cat that still a pest?!!

Poo to cats!
By Mr Webster, 22 Dec 2013
The product has [up to now] proved very effective following a long period of problems by reason of cats leaving messages in cultivated parts of my garden. The 'cats' are also extremely good value for money! The outline shapes are very realistic and even scare me at night when the cat's eyes shine brightly! Thank you! Derek Webster

A little pussey goes a long way!
16 Dec 2013
I was so delighted when my parcel arrived and couldn't wait to open it up, it only took a short while to assemble all three "cats" I placed them out on the back lawn and waited in anticipation! sure enough at least three local cats were staring over the fence, one was on the wall of the house next door the other two were on my fence and not moving. Not one cat has entered my garden since they arrived. I am pleased to say no seagulls or pigeons either,but a large family of Robins are bobbing about between the cats undaunted as I sit here looking out the window.! Wonderful.!

cat scarers set of 3
By Mrs Thomas, 30 Oct 2013
pleased with the items, I read the reviews as bought these for my daughter to put in her garden, but unfortunately the cats are still using the gardens to go the toilet,

20 Oct 2013
They seem to do the job they were bought for, but one of the set has lost its eyes ! still seems effective though.

Really works!
09 Aug 2013
Unbelievably these black cars do scare away nuisance cats that we messing in my garden.

By Mr Loney, 27 Jun 2013
had them a few weeks now and have seen no evidence of cats in my garden since

By Mr Smith, 15 Jun 2013
These cats do not sc are and stop cats coming in the garden completely but may help reduce the nimber of visits . They do however scare human visitors to our house !!!

cat scarers
01 Jun 2013
They make a great feature in the garden. I move them around to create interest. Not sure if the cats are scared off -but they seem hesitant when they see them

Nice, but don't work
28 May 2013
Nice looking cats, with green glass marbles for eyes. They don't work on the cat I've got 'going' in my garden. I think these can be hit and miss; they will work on some cats, and not on others.

27 May 2013
Not sure yet how well these have worked. The cat still comes in the garden, but I have not yet found any mess. So I reserve judgement for a while. Will let you know if he uses garden as a toilet again!

love cats but not in my garden if not mine!
By Mrs Escott, 22 May 2013
Only been installed for few days but def lack of cats up to now!!They do look attractive which is a bonus.The birds take no notice what so ever.Even sit on fence next to one......

yvonne is sick of cat mess!
By Mrs Beck, 22 May 2013
so far so good!!!!nothing else has worked up to now!they are so attractive i hope no one takes them!ha ha....

By Mrs Clark, 10 May 2013
I think they are great and so far have stopped my cats fouling parts of the garden I did not want them too, will be ordering some more

By Ms Hoyle, 08 May 2013
These look good in the garden, but the cats around here take no notice what so ever, I also have 4 electronic devices in the garden and they take no notice of them either

unobtrusive and efficient
By Mr Dwyer, 25 Apr 2013
In the week since placing these cut-out figures in position I have seen no stray cats on my property and the birds that visit actually sit beside them and continue to feed so far I am pleased

Slow delivery
By Mr Clarke, 30 Mar 2013
It took so long for the cat scarers to arrive that I'd forgotten I'd ordered them. They are pretty good quality for the price and I'm pleased I bought them.

By Mr Nixon, 27 Mar 2013
Top idea! They do seem to work, since siting them in my garden there has been no activity from cats or squirrels. They don't appear to bother the birds. Can recommend them.

20 Mar 2013
I have received the above items, but I was disappointed that the delivery took so long. The items however I think could do with being a bit bigger, although they seem to be doing the trick.

By Mr Ives, 19 Mar 2013
Excellent product they keep other cats and squirrels of the garden

17 Mar 2013
Seem to be working very pleased with product

By Mr Pool, 15 Mar 2013

14 Mar 2013
After two weeks' waiting, I have to make a phone call to Easilife and knew that they were out of stock! A week more, I received the item at last. It took more time that I was expected.

By Mrs Marcroft, 09 Mar 2013
good product although I expected them to be bigger I.e cat si zed, no t kitten sized! I am very dissapointed with the delivey service, the desription does say please allow up to ten days but I placed my order on the 8/2/2013 and recieved the item on 08/03/2013 a whole month after originally placing the order.

By Mrs Ashford, 31 Dec 2012
bought them for my father..for his garden..he's very happy with them

they realy work
By Mrs Wilkinson, 30 Dec 2012
been in the garden for 2 weeks no sign of cats or cat fouling GREAT

Some success
By Mrs Nicholson, 20 Dec 2012
There has been a reduction in deposits since I placed the "cats" in the garden. This could be due to the scarers or maybe they have found somewhere warmer than my gravel in winter? Some success as there is a definate reduction, not scaring every cat in the neighbourhood though. Maybe they are tough around here.

By Mrs Massey, 09 Dec 2012
Looks good its a Christmas present for the person who has everything

20 Jul 2012
I bought these for my son's garden and they appear to be working. he was having lots of cats messing in his garden and it has stopped.

By Rev Matthews, 20 Jul 2012
NOT SURE The day I put them out a cat just strolled past them, but I havn't seen one since!!

Cute cats
By Miss Farrell, 12 Jul 2012
I've put my cats in the front garden because we were having problems with cats. Since I put these cute cats out I have not seen any invasions but we have had a lot of rain so maybe that's why. However I like the look of the these cat scarers anyway and they decorate the garden nicely.

Worked for a week
By Mr Mahe, 09 Jul 2012
Not sure if it's because my in laws were not home, or if my neighbour's cat got used to see the fake ones in the same position/location, but it only lasted a week :( Just replaced the cats, crossing fingers...

Does not work
By Mrs Love, 04 Jul 2012
Afraid this product does not stop the cats

its fine
By Mr Alder, 02 Jul 2012
they doing the job i bought them for so far keeping the cats away ,but im not up in the early hours of the morning or in darkness to check if theres any cats prowling about ; but so far so good

By Mrs Bragg, 24 Jun 2012
well worth the money

21 Jun 2012
Since putting these cat scarers in I have only seen one cat ignoring them. I had been troubled by several cats, so they do have an effect.

Another satisfied customer
By Ms Hatherly, 19 Jun 2012
Fantastic product well worth the money - would certainly recommend!

By Mrs Franklin, 15 Jun 2012
Excellent items. Was very dubious as to whether they would work but the do! Highly recommend for anyone who has unwelcome visitors in their gardens.

very pleased
By Mr Bostock, 15 Jun 2012
thank you so far we are pleased with our product and hope to purchase from the mirror readers offers in the future...

07 Jun 2012
Received items promptly/

By Mr Fisher, 03 Jun 2012
Having purchased these items I am well pleased with the product,the only let down was the 5 weeks I had to wait for delivery, due to insuffient stock to meet demands.

28 May 2012
Good quality

Cat wait
By Mr Bowden, 26 May 2012
The product was gd but took about 3weeks to arrive which is poor

Goods fine, delivery terrible
By Mrs Clarke, 23 May 2012
Was about to reorder this item, appeared 5-6 weeks after order. But the item is good quaitly and hopefully will do the job!

By Mrs Sowden, 22 May 2012
Thought they might of been a little bigger, one eye loose on one cat,

20 May 2012
They look very realistic and make an unusual ornament for the garden,unfortunatley ,they do not scare any cats where i live,or the birds for that matter .lol

24 Apr 2012
Nice Cats, but will not scare cats, i have grass seed down at the moment and i think they keep the birds away, so worth buying for that.

23 Apr 2012
I bought this set of 3 cats to stop my neighbours 4 cats pooing in my garden, did it work NO they just casually walk passed them and continue to poo on my lawn, what a waste of money!"

Hope they work
By Mrs Robinson, 21 Apr 2012
These items are now strategically placed around my garden in order to scare off unwanted visitors of the feline kind which just about drive me mad. The items are well constructed although I had to insert two sets of nuts and bolts and are easily inserted into the ground or hung from a fence or tree branch.

Scared Cats
By Terry Rogers, 17 Apr 2012
Very sceptical at first that these cat scarers would work but suprisingley enough they do. No more little paw prints on the garden and best of all no more little surprises buried in the soil. Have tried the ultrasonic types of cat scarer but thes are much more effective.

14 Apr 2012
excellent they do work keeping cats off garden

scarers cat
09 Apr 2012
donot scar cats off my garden

By Miss Page, 03 Apr 2012

pesky cats
By Mrs Ormrod, 03 Apr 2012
these are a great product as so far they have kept cats from my little path of garden . i honestly did not think they would be so effective, after instaling them in the garden no cats have come near . wish i had more faith long ago i would have purchased them years ago . keeping my fingers crossed and hope they keep on working. i dont dislike cats but they have cost me a packet in ruined plants over the years . thank you and i hope they work for years to come.

By Mrs Hart, 02 Apr 2012
These cats look very realistic in the garden, but no dont scare either cats or birds. Just nice ornaments

01 Apr 2012
Upto now pleased with results.

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