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Dwarf Japanese Azaleas are ideal for lovers of Azaleas but where space is a little restricted. A compact variety (reaching heights of only 60-90cm) perfect for growing in containers or at the front of a border. These Japanese Patio Azaleas will flower abundantly in April/May in both sunny and lightly shaded areas. A great selection of Azalea plants for combining with Rhododendrons to create a truly unique colour display. Delivery within 14 days.

A. Azalea Diamond Lilac 7.99
B. Azalea Diamond Red 7.99
C. Azalea Diamond Pink 7.99
D. Azalea Diamond White 7.99
E. Azalea Diamond Orange 7.99

Five Japanese Azalea Collection - You can buy one each of the above five varieties for just 19.97 - Half Price.

Plant Information
  • Name: Azalea Japonica
  • Position: Partial shade
  • Soil: Well drained, lime free
  • Rate of growth/grows to: 60-90cm
  • Flowering Period: April and May
  • Flower Colour: Various
  • Other features: Compact, ideal for containers
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Origin: Japan
  • Garden care: Do not let them dry out in late spring/summer
  • Goes well with: Hebe, Evergreen and Flowering Shrubs, Berberis

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    Customer Reviews

    Dwarf Japanese Azaleas 4 out of 5 StarStarStarStarEmpty Star   115 Reviews
    30 Jun 2015
    5 Lovely healthy little plants which arrived in good condition and are now planted and looking small but ready to settle in and give a good showing next year

    By Mrs Parkhouse, 27 Jun 2015
    The azalea arrived well packaged and in good condition We hope it will flower next year!

    Very happy
    22 Jun 2015
    Well pleased with these shrubs they arrived in great shape and good condition. They are starting to establish themselves now, good stuff

    21 Jun 2015
    The Dwarf Azaleas arrived safely and look very healthy.

    good quality and value
    By Mr Barker, 21 Jun 2015
    Arrived well packed and very healthy plants. Appear to be growing well but clearly unable to say what will happen, Put each in a pot.

    By Mrs Mortimer, 20 Jun 2015
    Very well packed.very fresh looking,in good condition.

    By Mrs Randall, 20 Jun 2015
    They look nice healthy plants

    By Mrs Turner, 15 Jun 2015
    Shrubs arrived healthy and well established.

    sturdy plants
    By Mr Taylor, 10 Jun 2015
    good size plants with good root growth. good quality product

    By Mr Dixon, 25 Apr 2015
    Up to now Im very pleased with the dwarf azaleas I purchased. It is about two weeks since I planted them and they look very healthy! Thanks for the ensuring they were packaged so well. Jeff Dixon.

    By Miss Fathers, 20 Apr 2015
    Lovely string plants, bigger than I was expected, love them, thanks

    By Mr Pegg, 12 Apr 2015
    Brilliantly packed and easily planted very good service

    By Mr Burgis, 12 Apr 2015
    Very good healthy plants and received in good packaging-Thank you

    05 Jan 2015

    By Mr Davis, 06 Dec 2014
    Prompt arrival. Well packaged & all in good condition.

    By Mrs Mclean, 19 Nov 2014
    Well packed and very happy with healthy plants

    By Mrs Mclean, 19 Nov 2014
    Well packed and very happy with healthy plants

    By Mrs Hall, 16 Nov 2014
    Delivery was very quick and the plants arrived in excellant condition. Very happy customer.

    By Mrs Smith, 16 Nov 2014
    Arrived well packed and moist. Doing well in a semi sheltered sight till spring have repotted into larger pots. Really pleased with plants.

    By Mr Campbell, 16 Nov 2014
    we were very pleased with our purchase the plants were much larger than we expected and in excellant condition,they have been planted into containers for some weeks now and are doing well in the right compost.we would certainly recommend this offer to all.thank you. Topcat!

    By Mr Crawshaw, 15 Nov 2014
    Very good value for money

    Dwarf azaleas
    By Mr Mackellar, 09 Nov 2014
    Quick delivery. Good healthy looking plants. Happy with product.

    30 Oct 2014
    Well established plants. Easy to transfer to the containers

    By Mr Campbell, 25 Oct 2014
    plants recieved very well packed and in excellant condition we were amazed how big they were and so healthy we will certianly use this supplier again very happy TC

    excellent quality
    By Miss Waring, 15 Oct 2014
    Arrived promptly and well and truly safely packed with each plant moist and looking healthy. Highly recommended the dwarf azaleas and hope they do well in my garden. Plan to order other items.

    excellent purchase
    12 Oct 2014
    I was very pleased with condition of these plants and the delivery time. Thank you.

    pot grown
    09 Oct 2014
    received items within time period stated and in good condition. they were potted up and after 4 weeks are showing new growth. I consider this offer to be exellent value

    02 Oct 2014
    Arrived in very good condition. Healthy looking plant.

    22 Sep 2014
    These azaleas were smaller than I was expecting. They arrived in a healthy state, I look forward to seeing these in flower next year.

    By Mrs Saunders, 24 Jun 2014
    Although they were small I am very pleased with them they are very healthy plants and I am sure they will come along beautiful.

    Garden plants
    21 Jun 2014
    Plants arrived in good healthy condition, but to late to flower this year. Hopefully one of each variety has arrived, won't know till next year.

    By Mr Turner, 15 Jun 2014
    Ordered these for my wife, one of her favourite plants, they arrived in good time they were well packed, the plants were good young healthy plants nice green shiny foliage, my wife could not wait to plant them, she planted them in ericaceous compost and they are doing fine. I would recommend to a friend

    By Mrs Howells, 03 Jun 2014
    It is too early to give a review as they have not flowered yet.

    By Mrs Howells, 03 Jun 2014
    it is too early to give a review as they have not yet flowered.

    By Miss Kirwan, 03 Jun 2014
    Plants arrived fast...Well packed..Lovely Healthy looking plants....Good Size...Good Deal at the price...Would Recommend ...Sure they will be Fantastic, when established.

    av villian
    By Mrs Marsden, 02 Jun 2014
    The Azaleas arrived in excellent condition.Would use the company again.

    By Mr Reay, 20 May 2014
    Smaller than expected but look healthy enough.

    good value
    By Mrs Bush, 17 May 2014
    Although the box was badly damaged the azaleas arrived in good condition and they appear to be thriving. Good value for money, speedy delivery.

    Good Looking Plants
    By Mr Down, 05 May 2014
    Arrived in good condition - healthy looking. Good easy to understand instructions. Well packaged.

    dwarf azaleas
    05 May 2014
    good product healthy plants well packed excellent service

    By Mrs Relf, 03 Apr 2014
    they seem ok but a bit small I hope they improve in the future.

    By Mrs Brown, 30 Mar 2014
    Plants were delivered safely. they were smashing plants. cannot wait to see them in flower. Thank you so much

    By Mrs Etches, 25 Mar 2014
    thanks these azaleas came very quickly nice size and in good condition and very well packed pleased with them

    24 Mar 2014
    Plants all in good condition and came safely packed. Very pleased.

    Dwarf Japanese Patio Azaleas
    By Mr Monie, 22 Mar 2014
    Great plants, have had them previously, beautiful show of blossoms year after year. Would recommend this product and supplier.

    By Mrs Beswick, 02 Feb 2014
    Arrived safely and in perfect condition and very healthy looking. Smaller than I thought they would be, but they will grow of course.

    By Mrs Batty, 29 Jan 2014
    Arrived today in excellent condition, thank you!

    Mini Garden
    By Mr Perrett, 11 Nov 2013
    I have bought the plants under review and have nothing much I cansay abought the as I have just planted them as it is my first year of Patio planting

    mu replacement plant
    By Mrs Smith, 11 Nov 2013
    my last on died so i knew i could rely on parkers to deliver me a good healthy plant to compliment the others i already have. i will always order from this site.

    By Mrs Nguyen, 23 Oct 2013
    The delivery was quick than I expected. I don't know how beautiful the followers will be but the plants all look healthy. Good package!

    Nice plants
    By Mr THORNHILL, 17 Oct 2013
    These plants were delivered in a good healthy state and of a nice size.

    14 Oct 2013
    Arrived on time and in good condition. A little smaller than I expected, but plants look healthy. Let's see if I can keep them that way!!

    11 Oct 2013
    The plants were in excellent condition, well packaged. Very pleased.

    By Mr Ledsham, 10 Oct 2013
    Impressed with the dwarf azaleas, good size and healthy. Again impressed

    05 Aug 2013
    Good healthy plants but alittle small.

    By Mr Arnold, 01 Aug 2013
    Just Great, healthy and already settled in

    By Mr Booth, 30 Jul 2013
    Good looking plants, well packed

    05 Jul 2013
    a very sturdy plant .it was delivered quickly and the packeting was perfect. i have looked for a long time to find one at a reasonable price. i shall lookout for your offers thank you.

    Great shrubs
    27 Jun 2013
    Very good quality larger than expected now settled in to their new home

    Dwarf Japanese Patio Azaleas
    By Mr Stott, 20 Jun 2013
    They was verry good im just sorry that two was damaged

    By Mr Bice, 20 Jun 2013
    Just what I wanted. Will grow with the garden.

    By Mr King, 19 Jun 2013
    they arrived in perfect condition and one plant was already flowering. Planted them right away and they are flourishing - very pleased with the purchase.

    By Mrs Aggus, 07 May 2013
    Arrived in excellent condition and within a week of going In the ground were starting to flower. Are very healthy.

    mrs p rapley
    By Mrs Rapley, 06 May 2013
    patoi azalea is great, not received rest of order to date

    30 Apr 2013
    I am very pleased with the plants and a nieghbour put them in his green house to protect from frost they are growing on beautifully and one is in bloom many thanks for them. They were a bargain!

    By Mrs Short, 29 Apr 2013
    Very good well worth the money will shop again

    28 Apr 2013
    Plants delivered in excellent condition. Repotted and growing well

    By Mr Anderson, 28 Apr 2013
    The plants arrived in good condition.

    Patience is Advised
    By Janice Oliver, 27 Apr 2013
    I bought five of the dwarf Azalias last year and yes I too thought they were smaller than expected. Unfortunately two died on me but the others have lots of blooms coming out at the moment. So my advice would be don't expect them to flower the year you receive them, have patience and it will be rewarded the following year when they are more established.

    By Mr Spiers, 22 Apr 2013
    Arrived well packed and green so happy beginner gardener again

    blooming lovely
    By Mrs Gane, 03 Apr 2013
    the plants arrived in super fast time they are healthy and are now establised very pleased with my purchase

    azalea shrubs
    By Mrs Boon, 07 Feb 2013
    they arrived in good order so now waiting to repot when weather improves

    Superb Plants
    By Mrs Sheppard, 05 Feb 2013
    These are good sturdy plants, nicely packed with the colours clearly labelled on the green plastic packaging. On arrival had just the right level of water with a good root growth but not pot bound.

    Dwarf Japanese Patio Azaleas
    By Mrs Doran, 05 Feb 2013
    Arrived in good condition hopefully the cold weather won't damage them. Price was very good for five cuttings

    azalea lover
    By Mrs Herring, 06 Jan 2013
    I bought these in Dec 2011 but have been very disappointed. They have all grown well throughout the summer. However, although they were all marked with the colour,the the Lilac had 5 large red flowers, White had 1 tiny red flower, the Red had several Cerise flowers. Neither the Orange or Pink had any buds on at all.Will see what happens in 2013.

    my garden patio
    By Mr NELSON, 25 Dec 2012
    wonderful gardening bargain.

    By Mrs Bird, 27 Jun 2012
    Very good condition,small but very happy with them.

    By Miss Parkinson, 21 Jun 2012
    The azaleas haven't started to grow yet, they are just the same as when I planted them. Maybe it's the cold summer we are having.

    By Mrs Davies, 18 Jun 2012
    good value!

    By Mr Carter, 17 Jun 2012
    Plants arrived well packed in very good condition on time. They appear to be healthy and doing well.

    By Mrs Pinch, 15 Jun 2012
    Extremely pleased. Have repotted the azales and they are growing on a treat. Colours were all marked.

    Good Value
    By Mrs Farren, 12 Jun 2012
    Azalea plants came in good condition, well packaged, planted straight out, no flowers yet but weather has not been great so looking forward to flowers soon.

    Fill your garden with colour
    By Mrs Evans, 11 Jun 2012
    Beautiful little shrubs, well rooted and ready to go.

    japanese azaleas
    09 Jun 2012
    Arrived on time and very happy with purchase in good condition.

    By Mrs French, 06 Jun 2012
    A good buy

    unidentified new plants.
    25 May 2012
    My 5x patio azaleas plants have been delivered in excellent condition but there is no identification enclosed for each individual plant to allow me to maintain my history log.

    Very Good Service
    22 May 2012
    Plant arrived well packaged, delivered early and now growing in the garden.

    By Ms Ball, 21 May 2012
    Really pleased with azealea small but very healthy

    15 May 2012
    Great strong plants. Packed well and received with soil still damnp. Would recommend and buy from them again.

    By Mr Haithwaite, 09 May 2012
    plants were in excellent condition. Very pleased with the purchase.

    By Mrs Mcmyler, 08 May 2012
    I was dissapointed with the size of all the shrubs as they are quite small. from the picture they looked bigger.

    Dwarf Japanese Patio azaleas
    08 May 2012
    seems to be a hardy plant. still alive after all the rain - feared it would drown, but didn't.

    azalea collection
    By Mr Smeeton, 07 May 2012
    azaleas look in good condition, delivery could have been a bit quicker though!

    By Mr Huntington, 07 May 2012
    Plants are healthy but packed so they were on their side when the box was vertical. Each plastic pack is labelled with the colours of the plants in it BUT, as in the case of two other customers, none of the individual plants is labelled so I have little idea of which plant is which colour until they flower.

    Excellent Japanese Azaleas
    By Mr SUTTON, 07 May 2012
    Excellent azaleas - geat quality, great price!

    06 May 2012
    The plants arrived very carefully packed and in excellent condition. It is early days but so far they are all doing very well.

    Dwarf is right
    By Mr Beresford, 06 May 2012
    I purchased these for the different colours but i did think they were abit on the small side but they might grow to look like the pictures lets hope

    dwarf azaleas
    By Mrs Allwright, 16 Apr 2012
    these lovely litle plants were recieved well packed and in excellent condition, and are doing really well, already in bud, would recommend to everyone who wants smaller shrubs with spring time brightness

    By Mrs Jenkins, 30 Mar 2012
    very good service & plants arrived fast & in good condishion thank you.

    By Mrs GORDON, 29 Mar 2012
    very happy with my azaleas,satisfied with packaging and delivery.my azaleas are now in their pots looking very healthy, all I have to do now is wait on them growing and flowering. over all very pleased with the product. Ron Gordon.

    By Mr Abarrow, 28 Mar 2012
    very good plants would buy again

    By Mrs Jones, 28 Mar 2012

    By Mrs Fleming, 27 Mar 2012
    arrived well packaged i thought they would be a little bit larger but they seem very healthy

    Sooo Small
    By Mrs Oliver, 27 Mar 2012
    Received the plants in good condition and well packaged, however was disappointed that the plants were so small. I understood the they are called Dwarf Azaleas but did not realise they were so small as this is not shown on the advert! I don't know how long it will now take for these plants to flower, I doubt it will be this year or even next!

    By Mrs Webb, 08 Mar 2012
    The plants arrived safe and sound, very well packaged. All the plants look very healthy. Thank you so much.

    By Mrs Barker, 22 Feb 2012
    Received Azaleas in excellent condition,packaging etc was perfect. With the weather being very frosty kept them indoors for 3weeks repotted in bigger pots with special compost and they look very healthy plants.

    By Mr Leggett, 04 Feb 2012
    The 5 Azaleas arrived well packaged and within the delivery time given at the order stage and they were all well marked for colour, they were planted the next day. Only complaint is that they are very small, however 4 look healthy but one does not(Lilac) and appears to be loosing most of it's leaves. Time will tell if it survives the winter.

    azalea lover!!.
    By Mrs Herring, 07 Jan 2012
    plants arrived in perfect condition. am looking forward to when they flower

    By p herring, 17 Dec 2011
    Was surprised at rapid delivery. Plants look in A1 condition, look forward to them reaching flowering stage.

    By Mrs Butler, 03 Dec 2011
    Very pleased the item arrived nice and healthy. Wil purchese from you again. thank you

    By Mr Forbes, 02 Dec 2011
    Arrived in good condition. Are growing well and look healthy. Very plesed with the product

    By Mr Morgan, 01 Dec 2011
    Allfive plants appear to be doing well in their dorment stage at this time.

    By Mr Ashman, 23 Nov 2011
    Five healthy young shrubs arrived safely through the post - only problem is that they were not individually labelled, so I have to wait for them to flower to see which colour flowers each of them have. Nevertheless, a "bargain buy".

    13 Nov 2011
    Received very quickly and healthy looking plants which hopefully in a year or so will be very spectacular.

    29 Sep 2011
    Plants of good sizeand all very healthy, would be good if each plant was individually marked with the colour.
    Response from our supplier:
    Thanks for the feedback. All our plants come with labels to say which colour/variety they are but it seems that yours got missed.

    Please accept our genuine apologies and we will ensure this doesnt happen again.

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