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3 Miniature Patio Fruit Tree Collection - 3 for 2 25.98

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This selection of three dwarf fruit trees are ideal for smaller gardens where space is at a premium. They can be planted in patio containers and will never grow taller than 2m. Delivery within 28 days.

A. Apple Red Spur 12.99
These specially sourced Spur apple trees have a columnar, upright, non-spreading habit. Bred in the east of Holland, these dwarf apple trees are used to very cold temperatures in winter. These apple trees will bear an abundance of delicious fruit in late summer/autumn. As they are self-fertile, this means they can produce fruit by themselves. However, a greater yield of fruit will be achieved by buying both varieties.

B. Apple Golden Spur 12.99
The same as above, except producing bright green apples.

C. Dwarf Pear Lilliput 12.99
This tree is self fertile and produces delightful blossom in spring, followed by fruit in summer. Lilliput pears are similar in taste and texture to the Conference Pear.

Three Miniature Patio Fruit Tree Collection - You can buy one each of the above three varieties for the price of two - just 25.98.

  • Name: Miniature Patio Fruit
  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil: Moderately fertile, well drained
  • Rate of growth/grows to: 1.5m-2m
  • Flowering Period: Spring
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Other features: Suitable for containers or small gardens
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Origin: Europe
  • Garden care: Protect from strong winds
  • Goes well with: Strawberries, raspberries

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    Customer Reviews

    Miniature Patio Fruit Trees 4 out of 5 StarStarStarStarEmpty Star   137 Reviews
    By Mrs Platt, 20 Nov 2014
    Happy with trees, hope they grow well.

    By Mr Prestidge, 21 Sep 2014
    very quick delivery but packed tight in box all together 2 look healthy 1 not so much, smaller than I thought, not a lot of instructions on the fruit tress, have to see next year if they are any good

    fruit trees
    By Mrs Showell, 08 Sep 2014
    Good offer they arrived much quicker than I thought. One looked a bit week only one leaf on it ,other two covered in leaves

    fruit trees
    By Mrs Showell, 08 Sep 2014
    Good offer they arrived much quicker than I thought. One looked a bit week only one leaf on it ,other two covered in leaves

    fruit trees
    By Mrs Showell, 08 Sep 2014

    not as picture
    By venton, 10 Aug 2014
    Ordered set of three, golden spur, red spur and lilliput pear. Waited for weeks and nothing, apparently sent out but we didn't receive them, they sent another lot, looked ok when unpacked though little fragile. Have planted them in pots, the red spur has died, the other two are doing well but look nothing like the pictures, I thought spur was just spur and not branches coming out of sides, bit disappointed with them really, look like ordinary fruit trees

    By Mrs Short, 05 Jul 2014
    The trees arrived within a couple of days - well packed and were in very good condition with plenty of moisture still in the roots. Transplanted them into 18" patio pots and after nearly 4 weeks, they are all thriving. Looking forward to them fruiting in due course and would highly recommend these. We are first time gardeners so are so pleased not to have killed these lovely plants with ignorance. Will be watching our for further offers from The Mirror.. A+++

    So far so good
    By Mrs Richardson, 27 Apr 2014
    The trees arrived well packed and quicker than expected. They have been planted in patio pots and appear to be growing, some sign of blossom on the apple trees, let's hope they continue to thrive

    cordon apples for patio
    By Mrs Smith, 24 Apr 2014
    Arrived well packed not damaged in transit, trans-planted into a 18" patio pot, flower has formed, very happy with purchase.

    cordon apple for patio
    By Mrs Smith, 24 Apr 2014
    as above

    By Mr Hodgetts, 04 Feb 2014
    excellant service thank very much

    still dorment
    06 Dec 2013
    I have just planted them a few weeks ago how can I tell what they will turn out like

    By Mrs Perks, 04 Nov 2013
    I know the pear tree was free with the apple trees , but on getting the pear tree out of the pot it was full of snail eggs and the tree itself was looking poorly !

    good deal
    By Mr Bastawy, 26 Oct 2013
    I found this deal online by chance when I was looking into getting dwarf trees for my garden. they arrived in 3 weeks in good condition, they are slightly smaller than I thought they would be which is even better as they require little space. So far they seem to be doing well. The apple trees have a few green leaves on them, the pear i completely bear, but I'm not too concerned as it is this time of the year. The rel tst will come after winter when it's fruiting time

    By Mrs Thomas, 06 Oct 2013
    nice little tree , arrived in good condition well packaged.

    By Mr Dhaliwal, 19 Sep 2013
    Products arrived on time. Well wrapped and in good condition. No problems!

    By Mrs Parkin, 31 Aug 2013
    Arrived safely packed, have planted them and they are doing well , will certainly order again,

    By Key, 23 Jul 2013
    Fast prompt delivery of good value healthy plants which are thriving and have grown significantly since re-planting into larger tubs. Looking forward to a healthy crop of fruit next year.

    little orchard
    By Mrs Brealey, 23 Jun 2013
    Arrived in excellent condition, planted straight away watered well and are now flourishing looking forward to fruit.

    Dwarf fruit tree
    By Mrs Reardon, 22 Jun 2013
    Very pleased although it did seem a little fragile on arrival. It is now doing well and I look forward to some fruit next year!

    By Mrs Farrant, 28 May 2013
    Very strong & healthy trees which should do our garden proud

    All trees
    By Mrs Mitcheson, 20 May 2013
    They have settled in nicely dispite the North East Wind & rain! The pear tree is growing quickly & is fastest, the Golden spur not far behind but the Red Spur is the smallest but has now got a lot of buds.

    My little Orchard.
    By Mrs Smith, 19 May 2013
    Prompt delivery. Well packed. Seem healthy, although Pear tree seems a little slow to please. Both Apple trees have flowers already, looking good, can't wait to sample "my Apples", and hopefully "my Pears" too ! Have planted them in pots around a small water feature, my mini Orchard is looking good !!

    By Mrs Musselwhite, 17 May 2013
    prompt delivery. the cold wind isnt doing them any favours though. was pleased with the price.I am looking forward to watching them grow.

    By Mrs Lyons, 16 Apr 2013
    All 3 trees were healthy looking and well packaged. Have planted them into fair sized pots and await developments........

    By Mr Denyer-radford, 01 Apr 2013
    cannot give a proper review until I see how the trees perform

    Fast delivery
    By Miss Carriline, 16 Mar 2013
    As they are only small at the moment all i can say is they are starting to shoot and as the weather has been so cold I suppose Iam lucky they are still alive

    By Mrs Earl, 12 Mar 2013
    Fast delivery well packed great trees

    By Mrs Cawley, 30 Jan 2013

    Great Package
    By Ms Hans, 15 Jan 2013
    This is definitely a great package - especialy given that you can pay considerably more for less with these trees! They were bought as a present for my mum and she is very pleased with them - although has been unable to get the outside due to the terrible weather we have been experiencing!

    Fruit trees
    By Mrs Fletcher, 11 Aug 2012
    arrived but the pear was a sorry sight! It was free, so I guess I couldn't complain. I planted the pear up in the best compost with cocoa peat - basically gave it everything to give it a chance but by the first week it was a mere twig! I removed it from the pot and examined it closely. It had very few roots - probably a little too early for it to withstand being transplanted. The apple trees have come on fine, but one has looked pretty ropey from the start with brown spots all over the leaves but the other is fabulous so I hope they make it through the winter.

    Maybe next year
    By Mr J Steven, 27 Jul 2012
    Bought all three tree's but sadly between them they only produced one very small apple, while both of the apple tree's have grown and have plenty of folage the pear tree is a very sad looking item, perhaps they will thrive better next year, fingers crossed.

    By Mrs Johnson, 22 Jul 2012
    All three trees appeared quite small and with very few leaves, somewhat disappointing. However they appear to be coming along quite nicely now and have double the amount of leaves.

    By Mrs Muir, 17 Jul 2012
    Trees arrived prompt and in good condition. Looking good on patio now.

    Patio trees
    By Mrs Allan, 12 Jul 2012
    Great value fruit trees. They all arrived in brilliant condition and delivery was fast too. A great size for the patio. Highly recommend these trees.

    Very nice plants
    By Mr Talbot, 08 Jul 2012
    Very nice plants, nice and healthy.

    By Mr Walker, 08 Jul 2012
    1 Apple and 1 Pear appeared to be good qality.The 2nd apple tree was very poor with only a couple of leaves.Will reserve judgement until I see how they all progress.Very good delivery. Len

    08 Jul 2012
    The trees arrived and were well pack to withstand the journey. The bigger of the apple trees was in good condition and had small fruit on the branches but since being planted up they have fallen off so I don't think I'll be having fruit this year. The condition of the other apple tree and the pear tree were supspect. They were both much smaller, leaves were brown and broken and I had to remove some due to their condition. They have picked up after some tlc but I do feel that when being picked for posting one good tree was picked and two others that were not so healthy and much smaller were put in the delivery. As the pear tree was 'free' I've not sent it back but looked after it and it appears to be 'ok', the other smaller apple tree is also doing 'ok' but next year will be the telling time as to whether or not they bear fruit.

    apple trees
    By Mr Parslow, 05 Jul 2012
    hi the apple trees seem to be doing good but the pear tree is dead we have given this about three weeks to see if things would start to get better but have not done so.

    dwarf fruit trees
    29 Jun 2012
    Dwarf trees larger than expected considering the price, fast delivery and trees arrived unharmed due to the good quality packaging. Excellent service and would buy from them again.

    27 Jun 2012
    One of the three trees arrived dead but the other two are ok. Delivery was faster than expected.

    26 Jun 2012
    I was not happy with the pear tree thought it was just like a small twig the leaves are all falling of

    By Mrs Rawson, 26 Jun 2012
    The apple trees are fine , a bit delicate so need a support but the pear tree died within 3 weeks , and it cannot be due to lack of water!

    24 Jun 2012
    Trees look in good condition and have one small apple on one of them. Cant give a higher rating as dont know how well they will fruit.

    By Mrs Clark, 21 Jun 2012
    We received the trees, we soaked them as stipulated and then planted them, the two apple trees seem to be fine, but the poor old pear tree seems to have died? first all the leaves went black, then they fell off,we have left it planted to see if it will buck up (fingers crossed). If it is dead can we claim for another tree?

    High Hopes
    By Mr Scott, 16 Jun 2012
    I cannot tell how my tree will grow, but it arrived within five days, beautifully packed, in excellent condition and with comprehensive instructions. The embarrassing thing is that, if it fails, I shall be able to blame nobody but myself!

    Great value
    13 Jun 2012
    Delivery was quick and the consumer service was helpful. The trees are now growing well. Thanks

    By Mrs BOURNE, 10 Jun 2012
    small but healthy. Has taken root and put on growth. Very pleased.

    09 Jun 2012
    Very quick delivery - within a week, arrived early evening which was great timing & came well packaged. Was initially concerned about minor wilting & die back on red spur offshoot & minimal root growth on pear when potting up but three weeks later all 3 are now looking strong with a good spurt of growth on both apples which appear to have a few fruits forming! First time I have bought plants online & would definitely recommend this purchase based on my experience so far. Many thanks.

    By Mr Gardner, 07 Jun 2012
    the apple trees arrived in good condition with lots of blossom,and soon were showing sighn of growth,the free pear tree was a total opposite with no leaves let alone blossom and shows no sign of growth at this time,and does not give much hope of servival keeping fingers crossed

    By Mrs Bingham, 27 May 2012
    Arrived in good time and well packed. Been in pots three week already signs of fruit. Would recommend.

    By Mrs Warner, 25 May 2012
    The 'free pear tree' was dead on arrival so I contacted J Parker Dutch Bulbs WS Ltd and I was instanted reimbursed for the tree. Thank you for your prompt attention J Parker Ltd.

    By Mrs Tait, 24 May 2012
    Trees arrived sooner than I expected which was a bonus,in pots with damp soil.I have transplanted them into a miniature garden with prepared soil but they do not appear to be doing very well.Pear tree looks dead.Definitely not making any fruit pies this year! Will leave them until next year to see if they survive

    Patiently waiting
    By Mr Steven, 15 May 2012
    Fruit trees arrived very quickly, look a little sad after their journey, planted them out despite the poor weather and hopefully they will make a full recovery when the weather is a bit warmer. Thank You.

    So far so good
    By Mrs Wiseman, 14 May 2012
    I received the trees within a week of placing my order which was delightful. The roots were well packed with no loose soil. They appear to have taken but obviously we won't know how good they are until they fruit. The only comment I would make is that it would have been helpful if more information (i.e. suggested pot size etc)was given before placing the order. Otherwise I am quite happy with my purchase.

    From twigs to tree
    By Mr Barton, 13 May 2012
    These trees come well packaged and well within the 28 days. Some reviews state very small and just like twigs but for me that"s part of the pleasure to nurture from a twig to healthy tree. The two apple trees have taken off very well one has loads of flower and the other very leafy. The pear tree looks week and has only 6 small leaves but is still growing so just have to wait and see. Overall good purchase and have since bought trees direct from J parkers

    By Mr Moy, 10 May 2012
    Trees arrived promptly and safely and are happily growing in the garden

    08 May 2012
    very good

    By Mrs Davenport, 05 May 2012
    The trees arrived well packed and in good condition, potted them into patio tubs and kept them in the greenhouse and they are progressing nicely, budded and leafed up, just waiting for the frost to pass,then put them out and hoping for a good crop of fruit

    By Mrs Hunter, 05 May 2012
    Received promptly, well packed. Small shoots but began to grow quickly and appear strong and helthy.

    By Mrs Bridges, 04 May 2012
    The trees arrived well packed and looking healthy. They are now in blossom and so far I'm very pleased.

    02 May 2012

    01 May 2012

    By Mrs Morison, 29 Apr 2012
    Exactly what was ordered was supplied and delivered at the sated time.

    23 Apr 2012

    23 Apr 2012
    great quality tree! It has been planted for 3weeks and already has 8 flowers so should get some apples this year. I would order again.

    patio fruit trees
    By Mrs HOOK, 19 Apr 2012
    these little trees arrived very well protected, with blossom, roll on the summer to taste the fruit

    Fruit trees
    By Mrs Fretwell, 19 Apr 2012
    Order came very quickly, very pleased with the fruit trees, they are now planted and growing, thanks a lot.

    By Mrs Bewsey, 18 Apr 2012
    Fruit trees arrived looking healthy, about to come into blossom and in pots with a healthy root systems.

    18 Apr 2012
    Good healthy plant,well packaged with quick delivery.Excellent.

    18 Apr 2012
    Got what I would expect for the price I payed

    By Mr Parker, 17 Apr 2012
    Received on time, Good condition, I,ve planted all 3 trees into containers that hold 55 Litres of compost, They are all thriving.Roll on next year to see how they FRUIT

    By Mrs Draper, 17 Apr 2012
    These tree arrive 2-3 weeks after ordering, they came well wrapped in their own pots and moist soil. They all have buds and are looking good. I planted as suggested..So finger's crossed for next year, if they are anything like the picture I'll be pleased :o) All in all a good purchase.

    Fruit trees.
    By Mrs Wright, 17 Apr 2012
    Plants were well packed and of good size. Can't believe they already have blossom on them.

    By Mrs Hale, 15 Apr 2012
    appear to be nice and healthy, lots of shoots already, arrived promptly

    15 Apr 2012
    the 3 trees were deliverd within the 28 day delivery period and in good condition, they are now in my garden and have started to grow, so hopefully will produce fruit this year.

    Miniature Fruit Trees
    By Mr Collins, 12 Apr 2012
    They were delivered promptly, hard to give review as the leaves are just starting to bud, but they alive and progressing satisfactorily for the time of year and the weather we are having.

    By Mrs Kearsey, 11 Apr 2012
    The trees arrived very well packed and very quickly.I have planted them in pots on my patio and am surprised at how soon they have put on more growth and leaves, no blossom yet so don't expect any fruit this year, fingers crossed for next.

    Brilliant trees
    By Mrs White, 10 Apr 2012
    The trees arrived quickly and in good condition. The apple trees are in flower and look great. The pear is not looking quite so good but I'm sure will start picking up soon. It might be quite normal for the pear to not sprout as quickly as the apple tree. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

    excellent buy
    By Mr Rostill, 09 Apr 2012
    Bought the three trees, transplanted them to pots as soon as i got them and they have taken brilliantly and growing well. I have tried previously with cheaper products but with no joy. These are well worth the money and was delivered before the estimated time. Very pleased with my purchase

    By Mrs Davenport, 09 Apr 2012
    Good value,Good service. Trees arrived well packed in pots and in good condition. Put them in the greenhouse to protect from frost, they are shooting well and will be replanted in the garden in the next few weeks and hoping for a bumper crop.

    mini fruit trees
    By Mrs Hirst, 08 Apr 2012
    Trees were just as expected and they're now in position in garden and budding already. Can't wait for the fruit

    By Mr Radley, 08 Apr 2012
    postage and packaging very good too early to see results but seem to be doing very nicely thank you

    By Mr Doran, 08 Apr 2012
    They appear on arrival to be in tip top condition

    Great Service and Good Value
    By Mr Newell, 08 Apr 2012
    Trees arrived quickly and were well packaged. Full instructions were provided and within a few days they have started to show leaves. Very competitive price as well.

    By Mrs Bradshaw, 07 Apr 2012
    Excellent service and excellent product. Delivered promptly and exceptionally well packaged. Relly good value for money. Highly delightled, just ordered further products.

    very good product
    07 Apr 2012
    I am very happy with my purchase, product quality also good.

    06 Apr 2012
    Came within a couple of weeks of ordering. Well packaged. Have had them for a couple of weeks and are now starting to show some green buds. Hopefully they will continue to grow well and produce some fruit. Very pleased with purchase so far.

    Positive Prompt
    By Mrs Haller, 06 Apr 2012
    Good value, prompt delivery, eagerly awaiting the fruits of my endeavour.

    By Ms Hooper, 06 Apr 2012
    Arrived within a few days, quicker than stated. Well packaged. They are now planted and already showing signs of leaf buds. Bought for Mother's day and mum was very pleased. Would happily use again.

    By Mr Guthrie, 06 Apr 2012
    arrived on time and starting to get leaved trees look healthy looking forward to lots of fruit

    Review of Item received
    By Mrs Greenhalgh, 05 Apr 2012
    I was disappointed with the quality of the item as some of the branches were broken in the packaging. I have not corresponded with you yet as I have been waiting to see if the tree recovers. But up to now I am sorry to say that there does not appear to be any signs of life, although a similar one from your suppliers delivered on the same day to my neighbour, is showing signs of budding.

    By Mr White, 02 Apr 2012
    exellent value, trees are now in bud thank you

    By Mr Ettles, 01 Apr 2012
    look healthy when arrived hope to get fruit from them all nxt year , good value for money

    first class
    By Mr Breslin, 31 Mar 2012
    trees came within a fortnight, well packed and in good condition, i planted them in large tubs, and within a few weeks they are budding all over. would recommend buying these products to anybody.

    drawf trees
    26 Mar 2012
    Arrived well packaged, have transplanted to containers and plants are starting to shoot now. Pleased with purchase

    By Mrs Frosdick, 25 Mar 2012
    So far so good, arrived in good time and condition, all 3 have buds and are shooting well. lets hope for good crops. Excellent service.

    By mr. f. breslin, 10 Mar 2012
    first class service, delivered within a week, well packed and looking in very good condition, will deal with this company in future

    By Mrs Hall, 07 Mar 2012

    By Mrs Bridgewood, 06 Mar 2012
    delighted with how quickly the goods, arrived, undamaged due to well packed,and even more delighted with the good value for money, the items i bought were in prime condition,and i purchased these as they would serve as a good starting point for our granddaughters,to get into gardening,and because of their size, ideal to put outside without losing any day light.i also like the large varieties on offer, not just of fruit, but flowers also.

    By Mrs Lowerson, 19 Feb 2012
    The stout box my trees were in was my first surprise.Then I saw the tree's were in pots of compost my first thought was "loose compost all over" a big surprise they had really good root balls,then i knew I had live trees I don't have to plant them then wait to see if any leaves come then find out they are dead. The price,survice and trees was better then FIRST CLASS. THANK YOU.

    pear tree
    By Mrs Fisher, 07 Feb 2012
    I can't say a lot about my little pear tree because it has not yet started to grow. Its Feb 12 and we have snow on the ground. It arrived quickly,packaged well. It was a bit smaller than I thought it would be. Time will tell if I get a good harvest from it. Sue from Battle east sussex

    By Mrs Tiernan, 03 Feb 2012
    Im very pleased with my Patio Fruit trees. Looking forward for the next new offers from Mirror Readers Offers.

    Good Deal
    By Ms Tan, 01 Feb 2012
    I am very happy that I purchased this through the mirror, it was a really good deal. I had been wanting some patio fruit trees, but they usually cost a lot on most gardening websites. THanks to the Mirror, I now own 3 fruit trees and although my trees haven't fruited yet, mainly because I have just received it, and it is now still January, but they look very healthy and I'm sure they will grow into very pretty trees. They arrived in excellent condition.

    Good service
    By Mr Prince, 10 Jan 2012
    The service was very good,the trees were delivered with in 2 days of order placement.Look forward to some fruit in the summer.

    By Mrs Rogers, 09 Jan 2012
    The patio fruit trees were bought as presents for my Son and Sister seperately for Christmas. They have informed me that the trees are all doing well and are shooting nicely. They are very pleased with them and I would have no hesitation in purchasing more trees or plants from you in the future. I was given some helpful advice as to when to put them into the garden which I passed on. I hope to be given some fruit off the trees in the future.

    mini orchard
    By Mr Davies, 22 Dec 2011
    received my mini fruit trees within days of ordering arrived in good packaging and were in very good condition job well done I can say

    By Mrs Pearson, 18 Dec 2011
    Fast delivery, just planted them so we'll see how they turn out

    By Mrs Wake, 14 Dec 2011
    The trees arrived well packaged and in good condition. Heres`s looking forward to lots of apples and pears...

    13 Dec 2011
    very pleased prompt delivery well packaged

    Fruit Trees
    By Mr Walton, 12 Dec 2011
    Fruit trees delivered as promised and to an expected quality. No problems or complaints.

    By Mr CHESTER, 12 Dec 2011
    Excellent goods, with good communication regarding delivery. Items very well packed. Fully recommended. Mr. C.

    By Mrs Telfer, 12 Dec 2011
    Quick delivery, all received in good order. Many thanks

    Mini Garden Orchard
    By Mr Walters, 12 Dec 2011
    I'm happy with quality of trees, will find out in coming years how they'll crop. Delivery was very fast.

    By Mr Wood, 11 Dec 2011
    very pleased with our purchase will be looking for other offers!!!

    By Mrs Lowe, 11 Dec 2011
    Very pleased with this healthy tree. Exactly as stated.

    Great offer
    By Mr Moss, 11 Dec 2011
    Didn't take long to receive the fruit trees, they came well wrap,and information on how to plant them was very well explained,would buy further items

    Patio Fruit Trees
    04 Dec 2011
    I purchased these items for my Sister and Son and they were delighted with them.The only thing they were disappointed with was the fact there were no instructions as to when to put the trees out into the garden or how to care for them over the winter months. When should they keep them indoors till or are they winter hardy? They thought they were very nice presents though.

    trees take time
    02 Dec 2011
    its ok to review this type of product,but until they grow or not next spring who knows...if they are ok then they have earned the other star,,,we shall see!

    By Mr Bright, 02 Dec 2011
    Ordering the fruit trees online couldn't have been simpler, just following the clear instructions. The trees arrived well packaged 14 days after placing the order. Excellent service. Looking forward to see how well the trees grow and fruit in the New Year. I would not hesitate to order similar items again.

    By Mr Fidge, 26 Nov 2011
    The fruit trees arrived as promised, were well packaged and look to be in good condition.I am hopeful they will start into life next spring.

    By Mrs Harvey, 22 Nov 2011
    Arrived well within the 28 days guidline given. In fact they arrived perfectly the day after we had purchased 3 lovely terracota pots for them. They look very healthy and very well packaged. The instructions were clear and were easily placed in their new homes. One thing I did like was the fact that our credit card was not debited with the cost of the trees until they were ready or had obviously been despatched. We are very much looking forward to the spring for signs of further growth. Many thanks for another superb offer.

    By Mr Gough, 14 Nov 2011
    I am fully satisfied with the way my order was dealt with. The goods arrived well packaged and also included instructions for planting a welcome addition which saved me a lot of work. I am so delighted that I will place a further order from the supplier within the next day or so. Many thanks to all concerned.

    Took ages to arrive
    By Kelly Harper, 14 Nov 2011
    Disappointingly, these trees took 5 weeks to arrive from the date I ordered them - not within the 28 days promised. After several frustrated phone calls they were finally delivered at 9pm on a Sunday night!! They were a lot smaller than expected though well packaged. It would have been good to know the size and age of the trees before ordering. How well they do after planting remains to be seen - I just hope all the effort was worth it!

    11 Nov 2011
    Items recieved in good health & condition, well cartoned

    fruit for ever
    By Mr Whitfield, 11 Nov 2011
    Goods arrived in excellant condition very well packed!

    04 Nov 2011
    Although the trees were delivered quickly, they looked very puny & bare. Since planting them, they have shed the few leaves they had and they appear very weak. It will be difficult to tell whether or not they are going to survive until the next growing season.

    02 Nov 2011
    These fruit trees arrived in excellent condition, I await the coming spring and summer to see how they proceed. They were delivered very quickly and i would be happy to purchase other items.

    The proof will be next spring
    By Mr Ryder, 01 Nov 2011
    arrived in a timely fashion, well wrapped. The trees were exactly as expected (12-18inches), in a small pot, well rooted. I have re-potted mine into fairly large pots which I will keep outside if not too cold or put in my greenhouse which is kept frost free. The proof will be if they over winter then "take off" in the spring. I am really looking forward to growing these in decent pots on my decking and being able to pick my own fruit.

    By Mr Rooney, 30 Oct 2011
    i thought the plant would have been developed more than it was but it was well boxed and delivered in good time

    By Mrs Kleingunther, 21 Oct 2011
    fruit trees look great, i was surprised how quick my order arrived following notice of dispatch, many thanks keep up the good work

    By Mrs Burchill, 20 Oct 2011
    Yes very nice trees quick delivery all well

    By Mr Butcher, 19 Oct 2011
    Trees arrived well packed and in good condition, seemed healthy. I am pleased with the product and price. I will buy again

    By Mr Sparkes, 17 Oct 2011
    plants were delivered well packaged, in good condition, and well within the stated 28 day delivery time (approx 14 days from date of order) I have no reason to doubt that these plants will produce healthy trees. I would happily order from this supplier again.

    Fruity Trio
    17 Oct 2011
    Great product, arrived in excellent condition. One small drawback; I would have liked more specific planting on instructions and what to expect.

    My Mini Orchard
    By Mrs Robinson, 16 Oct 2011
    The plants arrived in good condition,at the correct time for planting. I cannot give more detail til I see signs of growth which I expect in Spring

    By Mrs Johnson, 16 Oct 2011
    Arrived well packaged . Now in the garden .

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