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Keep beds and furniture bed bug & dust mite free.

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Keep beds and furniture bed bug & dust mite-free. It's a fact that millions of bed bugs and dust mites are present in all our homes, particularly in our beds. Bed Vac will help you keep them under control. With its vibrating base plate Bed Vac starts by shaking the bed bugs loose, then zaps them with ultraviolet light killing the bacteria that helps them to feed. Finally Bed Vac sucks up all the mites and their faeces into the small micro allergy filter cartridge to leave your bed feeling fresh and clean.

Bed bugs and dust mites are one of the main causes of allergic reactions, rhinitis and asthma. These microscopic bugs live by the thousands in all our homes, invisible to the naked eye they thrive in carpets, mattresses and pillows, feeding on the dead skin cells we shed every day and night. Cleaning sprays don't kill bacteria or remove the mites. Even high specification vacuums only remove a fraction of bed bugs and don't kill the excreted bacteria.

Measures 22 x 26 x 15cm.

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