Set Top Boxes & Antennas

The Daily Mirror offers set top boxes and TV antennas with deals which are not to be missed. Here on the site you will find a selection of TV boxes and antennas which will improve you viewing pleasure. Our selection of digital boxes is designed to offer you the best in simplicity, value and quality. With over 40 television channels and all the analogue and digital radio stations on offer, one of our digital set top boxes is a must have. We even stock a Freeview Digital TV Receiver and Recorder. Now that analogue has been switched off you will need a digital receiver to access all television programmes and at MirrorReaderOffers, we want to help you make that switchover as easy as possible. Our one-plug, one-lead boxes and interactive, step-by-step set up guides makes the switchover painless and simple. To find out more about our digital set top boxes and TV antennas and their benefits, click on the section and browse our high quality products.

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